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Personal Data Collection & Cookie Policies

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This Crummy Little Blog That Nobody Reads (CLBTNR) now has official personal data collection and cookie policies. You only think you don’t care about that.

Our Policy

It has been pointed out to me that this CLBTNR:

  1. has no officially stated policy on personal data collection, in accord with the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and
  2. neither does it have an officially stated policy on cookies, in accord with the EU Cookie Directive.

As a Europhile, your humble Weekend Editor declares mea culpa in recognition of this fault!

Therefore, we declare our Official Personal Data Collection & Cookie Policies on this CLBTNR to be [1]:

  1. We comply with the GDPR by not collecting personal information. [2]
  2. We comply with the EU Cookie Directive by not using cookies.

There. That was easy! Everybody happy now?

The Weekend Conclusion

Even the Weekend Publisher can show some restraint! Maybe you should be happy, given the generally slimy behavior of large web sites nowadays. I hear Cory Doctorow has a term for that. En- something -ification? [3]

I mean… we all know you MegaCorp drones, law enforcement goons, and 3-letter spooks are salivating over warrantless collection of our personal data, implanting what you think are your sweet, sweet cookies, and generally stuffing us at both ends with advertising, propaganda, and misinformation.

But even the Weekend Publisher, brain the size of a walnut, can behave with some restraint, as shown here. Even though he’s really not that bright, we still love and respect him.

Try to do better than the cat.

Notes & References

1: NB: Cribbed very approximately from some Internet wag, whose name I have unfortunately forgotten. If it’s you, please remind me so your genius can be properly recognized on a blog where nobody will ever see it.

2: A possible exception: Once the comment system is fixed – my brain must heal before that – we may record something related to whatever email you supply on the comment form. Previously, it was an MD5-encoded hash, in the future we may encrypt it more reversibly with keys kept in Château Weekend’s storage.

Also, nobody constrains what you fill into the “Email” field of the comment form needs to be your real email. Michel.Eyquem@Montaigne.org will do just fine, if you want to pretend to be the spirit of the ur-blogger come to visit. (Which would of course, be received as a great honor.)

3: C Doctorow, “The ‘Ens**ttification’ of TikTok”, Wired, 2023-Jan-23. Title slightly expurgated, because too many childhood beatings have rendered me incapable of saying some words. Multae apologiae.

Published Tue 2023-Jun-20

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