Wed 2021-Dec-08

Some Advice from 'Your Local Epidemiologist'

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YLE has some important advice for all of us about surviving Omicron.

Some Informed Advice From An Expert

Want to survive omicron? Good choice.

Probably you should take advice from well-informed experts who know what actions are likely to help, right? Of course!

Your Local Epidemiologist: Some answers about Omicron Katelyn Jetelina (CV), a.k.a. the blogger behind Your Local Epidemiologist & professor of epidemiology at UTexas Houston, is one such expert. Today she told us about some of the latest lab data on Omicron: its rate of infection, severity, vaccine evasion experiments, and so on. [1]

All very interesting, but…

I’m not going to tell you about any of it.

Instead, I’m going to tell you her extremely well-informed and useful advice (emphasis added):

We’re all exhausted. The scientists. The healthcare workers. The parents. The pharmacists. The teachers. Everyone. But the virus isn’t. And it won’t be until we all take it seriously. Wear a good mask. Ventilate spaces. Test, test, test. And, for the love of all things, go get your vaccine and/or booster.

It’s good advice. You should take it.

Notes & References

1: K Jetelina, “Omicron: We’re getting (some) answers”, Your Local Epidemiologist blog, 2021-Dec-07. As I’ve said before in analogy to avoiding death in a chem lab accident: when your epidemiologist is offering you daily updates, pay attention and follow instructions!

Published Wed 2021-Dec-08

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