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Donald Trump Guilty of 34 Felonies

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Conviction Day: a jury in New York City found former President Trump guilty of on all 34 felony counts.

Conviction Day

NYT Front Page: Trump Guilty On All Counts Previously we’ve celebrated on this Crummy Little Blog That Nobody Reads (CLBTNR) Trump’s Indictment Day and Arraignment Day, in various courts. Today we hit a new milestone: in Trump’s trial for fraudulently covering up hush money payments to a porn star as a fraudulently ignored campaign contribution and election interference, he was found guilty on all 34 counts.

Details are still coming out. No idea yet when sentencing will happen, whether it will include prison time (especially for the blatant lack of remorse, 10+ incidents of criminal contempt, threats to the court staff, their families, and witnesses), and whether he will be allowed to remain free pending his inevitable appeal.

Obviously, here at Château Weekend, we’d prefer him to be incarcerated immediately, and for substantially the rest of his life, given the seriousness of the other charges. Especially the Florida classified documents charges.

The Weekend Conclusion

Doonesbury 2017-Oct-22 with flashback to 1973-May-29 It’s hard to keep in mind how long this has been going on. The Doonesbury cartoon shown here ran on 2017-Oct-22, but has a flashback to Mark having the same feelings vs Nixon’s criminality on 1973-May-29.

This comic ran 7 years ago.

It’s taken forever for justice to grow a spine, and we may hope upon sentencing that it will stick.

While I’m tempted to schadenfreude, this is nonetheless a sad day. We are beginning to excise this tumor on the American body politic, but it’s sad we let it get this far. Our real test will be whether the Republicans in the US accept the verdict, as they should.

We look forward to Sentencing Day, when we hope for imprisonment, as this CLBTNR’s closing remark has said for some time now: Ceterum censeo, Trump incarcerandam esse.

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