Tue 2020-Oct-06

Today I voted

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Today I voted. You should too, if you’re an eligible US voter.

Today I Voted The anxiously-awaited mail-in ballot arrived via US Mail at 9:30am. By 11:30am, it was filled out, put in the ballot envelope, signed exactly as requested, put in the mailer envelope, then walked past the Post Office [1] to the town clerk’s drop-box, and therein deposited.

Please don’t vote Republican. Not for any imaginable office, not under any conceivable circumstance. Also, please don’t vote 3rd party: that’s half a vote for Trump. If you think he needs to go — and you should — then you know you have to vote for Biden/Harris. Just do it: settle for Biden.

Added 2020-Oct-09:

I see from the Secretary of States’ web page for my state that my ballot has been received, signature checked, and accepted for counting. So… that’s done. Now, as the Weekend Editrix pointed out, we just have to worry about the outcome.

Added 2020-Oct-19:

Scalzi sums it up nicely, with a pretty autumnal picture, to boot.


1: Too much Republican mischief at the Post Office: 72% of the mail sorting machines removed “for cost savings” were in counties won by Clinton in the last election, according to a federal court finding. So… it’s deliberate.

Published Tue 2020-Oct-06

Gestae Commentaria

Weekend Editor, Wed 2020-Oct-07 19:23

We’re all gonna do our part. Probably take the presidency and keep the house. My nightmare is that we fail to flip the senate, and face years of inability to appoint more rational judges, or get any legislation passed. Like Medicare for all.

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