Sun 2022-Jan-02

Boston First Night: Best Ice Sculpture

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Against best pandemic advice, First Night happened again in Boston. Wanna see a highlight?

First Night

Yes, they moved most things outdoors. Still a bit dangerous though, so we hunkered down here at Chez Weekend.

But the next-day reports were… interesting.

There are usually a lot of very beautiful ice sculptures. A prominent theme seemed to be: don’t mess with librarians. In front of the main entrance to the Boston Public Library was an ice sculpture of a spider crab reading a book:

Koenig @ Twitter: First Night vax clinic & spider crab reading book

While I’m immensely proud the hottest spot was a vaccination van, I did particularly like the librarians’ response to the question of how we know this is not a deer tick:

Koenig @ Twitter: Deer ticks can't read!

Like I told you: don’t mess with librarians!

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