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Father's Day 2023

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So, in the US today it’s Father’s Day.

Why do I have an opinion about Father’s Day?

The Weekend Publisher, stationed in his hammock to surveil the household I’m not, to the best of my knowledge, anyone’s father. And, given the biology involved, I’m pretty sure about that knowledge. Thing like that, I’m almost certain I would remember.

I mean, you could stretch a point and say that, as a male caregiver, I am the “father” of the Weekend Publisher, shown here surveying the world from his lofty hammock. But not “father” in the way cats do it, because that’s just crazy. So I’m sort of were-human cat-father? [1]

No, today I just want to share with you the best Father’s Day spirit I have thus far observed:

McNees @ Twitter: How to con your kid into reading by changing batteries

McNees is a physicist (of which we firmly approve) though he does quantum gravity (which we can forgive). He encourages his kid to keep reading rebelliously under the covers at night, by surreptitiously changing the batteries in her flashlight.

This is How It Is Done, I think. [2] But I wish I’d had this sort of experience as a kid growing up!


Contrary to the advice from everybody everywhere, I also read the comments. Some are pretty good, even years later:

Tom Gauld: Dad joins kid reading under the covers

Yep, nothing like a little solidarity from the Parental Units to bolster a kid.

Martin @ Twitter: Temptation to science!

Yes, indeed: temptation works both ways. The light side of The Force underutilizes it.

The Weekend Conclusion

Kids these days! You have long-lived LED flashlights.

Back in my day, all we had D cells that were always dying, and crummy little bulbs that were always burning out. [3]

Notes & References

1: You see where this line of thinking goes, right? Complicated places fully of weird hyphenated words that almost make sense, that’s where!

2: If you want advice from a childless old man, which is understandably questionable. As is taking advice from me on any subject whatsoever, really.

3: Admittedly, this was an improvement over the candelabras our parents used. Candles under the bedcovers… not gonna make that mistake again.

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