Mon 2024-Apr-08

A Bostonian Pinhole Projection of the Eclipse

Tagged: Beauty / Physics

So, did I hear there was an eclipse today?

The Experimental Evidence

Pinhole projection of eclipse on my kitchen countertop. Yep, looks like an eclipse!

This is a pinhole projection on my kitchen counter. The “camera” was a small piece of paper into which I poked a hole with a pen.

It was taken somewhat before the max here in Boston.

The cats seemed kind of worried, and tried to convince me that oncoming darkness meant it was cat dinner time. Didn’t work; worth a shot.

The Weekend Conclusion

Always use enough tech to work the problem, but no more than that, I always say.

The times being as sad as they are, I also always say:

Ceterum censeo, Trump incarcerandam esse.

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Published Mon 2024-Apr-08

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