Mon 2022-Aug-15

COVID-19: Day 21

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Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Thinking negatively, testing… positively (slightly)

Today I was feeling better, and in fact had some dental surgery scheduled. So when I dully tested this morning, within the required 15 minutes there was no positive T stripe. My dentist didn’t seem interested beyond polite conversation, and was wearing elaborate PPE anyway.

Your humble Weekend Editor, still positive at day 21 But… when I got home a couple hours later, the test looked like this: with a bit more time to cure, a faint T stripe appeared.

It appears I am still cursed with a positive mental attitude. Fortunately, my dentist seems to believe appropriate precautions were taken.

Now we gotta go buy some more tests!

The Weekend Conclusion

We’re not there yet. The Weekend Editrix is just post-paxlovid, with fading symptoms. We’re hoping for no rebound effect for her.

Notes & References

1: Nah. C’mon.

Published Mon 2022-Aug-15

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