Thu 2022-Aug-11

COVID-19: Day 17

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So… are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Thinking negatively…

The Weekend Editrix continues to complain about the taste of paxlovid. She also continues to praise the way she feels much better about an hour after each dose. We’ll take that.

Your humble Weekend Editor is thinking positive (alas) Your humble Weekend Editor is trying to be his usual anxious, depressed, pessimistic self here, so his traditional negative attitude will leak over into a negative COVID-19 test.

But, as you can (just barely) see here, there’s a faint positive “T” line. By the rules, I’m still RAT infected (albeit probably with a very low viral load).

That’s progress. Not, however, the finish line. (Or lack of line, to denote “finished” with infection, in this very specific case.)

All that crap about “positive mental attitude” never works. Ever.

Sure wish there could have been a second course of paxlovid without having to throw a fit. Sigh.

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1: Nope. C’mon, gimme a break.

Published Thu 2022-Aug-11

Gestae Commentaria

Weekend Editor, Fri 2022-Aug-12 00:46

Thanks for the negative thoughts, Pablo! Should be a couple more days, I think.

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