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In Latin, “corvus” means crow. So the adjectival form used in biology for birds-such-as-crows is “corvid”. Sometimes people get confused in interesting ways.

On crows

The wags of Reddit have a subreddit for the discussion of crows… because of course they do. This is a world in which everything must happen at least once, so here we are.

Latin pedantry being what it is, the denizens of /r/crows are of course aware that a crow is in general called a corvid. So, what does one say when confronted with a picture of 18 crows? [1]

"Waiting for Corvid 19"

One opines that they are waiting for Corvid 19, of course.

Yeah, that’s it

I know: it’s pedantic, but I’m a pedant; it’s a “dad joke”, but I’m an old dude; it’s… well, what it is. That’s all I got.

So sorry.

Notes & References

1: u/tickets4gold, “Just hanging out, waiting for Corvid 19”, Reddit /r/crows, retrieved 2021-Apr-29.

Published Fri 2021-Apr-30

Gestae Commentaria

Weekend Editor, Fri 2021-Apr-30 15:44

Yeah… you & me, Pablo. We’re possibly the only 2 humans on the planet who get that joke, but… yeah, exactly.

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