Tue 2020-Dec-29

Santa and the cops

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Here at Chez Weekend, there’s a rumor circulating that on Christmas Eve, Santa got pulled over by the cops?!

But it was ok, because the cops had Probable Claus.

Weekend Publisher: that Santa joke was lame, lacking, and late What are you looking down here for? That was it. That was the whole post. All of it. We’re done here.

Ok, fine: have a cat picture. The Weekend Publisher didn’t think the joke was that funny either, when I told him. As you can plainly see.

He is a Good Cat, but not an especially Good Critic in these matters. You should see his cat food reviews. Tough audience, he is.

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0: Nope. Not today, Bunky. You didn’t laugh at the joke, so no footnotes for you! [↩]

Published Tue 2020-Dec-29

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