Mon 2022-Nov-28

Blog Comments Temporarily Disabled

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Comments on this Crummy Little Blog That Nobody Reads (CLBTNR) are temporarily disabled, due to Heroku lossge.


This CLBTNR is a largely static HTML site, generated by Jekyll from markdown files in a Github repository.

It handles comments (by definition dynamic content) via Staticman. Staticman is used, obviously, for providing dynamic content to static sites. It handled comments via a remote process running on Heroku which turned your submitted comments into pull requests at the Github repository, which I would either delete (spam) or merge (the rest of you).

Alas, Heroku has terminated the free level of its service, and I don’t want to pay them. So comments will cease working sometime today, until I migrate the comment handling to somewhere else (e.g.,,,

Nobody’s written a detailed migration tutorial yet, and I don’t feel like figuring it out on my own. (It was kinda gnarly getting Heroku to work, even with a tutorial!) So pending that tutorial appearing somewhere in the Staticman community, comments will likely cease working sometime today.

You can of course contact me via the email link at the top of every page. (Click on the envelope icon.)

Sorry for the interruption!

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Published Mon 2022-Nov-28

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