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Today is Bloomsday. Umm… what?


Corbis image @ BBC: James Joyce & the scandal of 'Ulysses' Today is Bloomsday, a holiday invented by scholars of James Joyce to celebrate his work. 1904-Jun-16 is the day his 1922 novel Ulysses takes place. There are probably articles everywhere, we’ll cite just one from the venerable Beeb. [1]

I have little else to add, not being much of a fan of Joyce personally. But I have a friend who is, so… Bloomsday.

IYKYK, though I am not among that particular elect.

The Weekend Conclusion

C’mon, really: who can resist a holiday made up by nerds to celebrate a book?

Notes & References

1: K Birmingham, “James Joyce’s Ulysses: A classic too sexy for censors”, BBC, 2015-Jun-16.

Published Fri 2023-Jun-16

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