Wed 2021-Jan-20

The adults are finally back in charge!

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Today was a good day: with the inauguration (and the constitutional mandate behind it) at 12:01pm, Biden & Harris and a (barely) Democratic Congress are back in charge in the US.

Respected solemnities

With respect to the solemnities of the afternoon’s inauguration, we pass over them in silence. We can add very little thereunto. May decisions be made in wisdom, kindness, and respect.

Detested absurdities

But with respect to the absurdities of the morning’s departure of the previous… person…, we have somewhat to say. (The gracious may observe de mortuis nil nisi bonum, but in this particular instance, here at Chez Weekend we are less than completely gracious. He has, after all, worked very hard to earn our disrespect. We must not deny him the fruits of his diligent labor.)

May he remain far from us, with his misdeeds well and truly judged (to paraphrase The Fiddler on the Roof).

Furthermore, we have some suggestions for his travelling musical accompaniment. The military send-off he demanded this morning was totally lacking in the surrealism the occasion demanded.

So let us help him out a little bit here. These video selections offer, respectively:

  1. our wishes for his speedy travel to any destination but here,
  2. an assessment of the community sentiment upon his departure,
  3. exactly how much we personally wish to remember him, and
  4. some thoughts upon his likely legacy.

(Multae apologiae to our readers outside the US for the bizarre American cultural references here. Just trust us that they are culturally appropriate to the situation, bizarreness included. While here at Chez Weekend we are not usually musical theatre afficionados, we feel that happy absurdities are just what’s required for the occasion of this morning’s departure.)

Best wishes!

In the meantime, we offer our best wishes to the prosecutors of the Southern District of New York.

Notes & References

1: What are you looking down here for?

Published Wed 2021-Jan-20

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